Meet the team

Nikki Applewhite

My mother was an avid gardener so I grew up in a beautiful garden, which I loved but took for granted. Thirty years later, after life in the office became too much, the genes came through and I started my own gardening maintenance business, “Down to Earth”.  This is now in its 18th year and keeping three of us extremely busy.

I found there were plenty of businesses mowing lawns and cutting hedges but no-one to carry out the more skilled garden work. So I went on courses which would equip me for more specialised work in the garden.

I now have clients that we see regularly either once a week, once a month or annually.

With all this experience I was keen to do more and nine years ago after completing 3 design courses, I launched ‘Applewhite Garden Design’.

Nikki Applewhite

Martin Gibbs

Martin joined the company in 2007 after 30 years of toil within the “bigger gardens” of British agriculture. Martin is an experienced agronomist who has been involved with plant husbandry for several decades.

Martin Gibbs

Simon Taylor

Specialist Tree Surgeon who also cuts all our hedges, and manages all our varied requests.

We have several large straight forward Yew, Hornbeam and Beech hedging, but also a lot of box parterres, some topiary shapes and also a snake hedge! He is quick and extremely tidy.

For details see Tree Taylor