From design table to coffee table

Spring is always our fun time of year,  completing gardens that were on the design table last year.

This courtyard garden was a lovely task. Set within a magnificent old coach house built when Cromwell was around! The shape of the area lent itself to a formal concept, with some ebullient planting to add colour and height, giving the impression of greater space.



This was our first project together which was great fun. Emmy’s skills with surveying and mine with planting were already proving a great combination. Once all the measurements were finished, Emmy transcribed them onto CAD. Vectorworks CAD is proving invaluable with its efficiency and precision – (mind you, this does depend on the operator!).

Master Plan Detail

With no access for small machinery, the project was labour intensive. First the beds were marked out to show which cobbles needed removing and which frost damaged bricks needed replacing.


New soil was brought in and the beds were left to settle for a couple of months


The fun part…. Martin placing the Obelisks and Emmy weeding and reorganising the existing beds which already had a great colour scheme and plenty of choice plants.


All hands on deck …..


And finally …