Maintenance and advice

We offer a range of maintenance packages tailored to your needs. We can guide in every aspect of how to maintain your garden no matter how new, old, big or small.

Once created, a garden is an evolving entity that needs routine attention to enable its full potential. Correct weeding, feeding and pruning regimes are vital to get the best from your garden all year round. Our expertise can help you to avoid common mistakes in the garden to maximise flowering and ultimately your enjoyment of the space. A few examples of activities to ensure longevity of a design include:

  • Deadheading to prolong flowering and extend season of interest
  • Supporting tall perennial plants before they collapse and get flattened by the weather
  • Knowing the best time to plant bulbs
  • Cutting back perennials to encourage a second flush of flowers ‘the Chelsea Chop’
  • Pruning fruit trees correctly to ensure a bumper crop
  • Knowing which stems to cut back on shrubs and at what time of year to prevent chopping off next years flowers/fruit
  • Digging up and dividing perennials that have grown out of shape in order to produce multiple (and more vigorous) plants for free!
  • Application of insecticides/fungicides or organic alternatives at the appropriate time to avoid infestations/spread of disease
  • Correct disposal of cuttings/debris to stop the incorporation of pernicious weeds into compost

We can work with you on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, seasonal or annual basis dependent on your specific requirements. This helps keep the original design as intended and helps you to get the most out of your garden. We charge this at an hourly rate or create a tailor made maintenance plan when your design is completed.

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