Working with Nikki is a great experience, she has:
       • a lively imagination
       • a fantastic sense of colour
       • an immense capacity for hard work

With her help and determination we have together created what is for me an all year round paradise.

Dr Lisanne Radice

When we decided to build a conservatory it became apparent that it would extend our house further back into the sloping garden and we realised that we would have to have a retaining wall to hold back the bank. To us this was a daunting prospect and we didn’t know how to tackle it. We certainly didn’t want to look out at a 6ft blank wall! We had spoken to several “experts” who all made proposals along the lines of stone/brick walls which, as our home is made entirely of wood, did not appeal to us. Then a friend recommended that we consult Nikki Applewhite and we are so glad that we did.

Nikki’s approach to the problem was so refreshingly different to any other. Not only did she suggest that we used wood instead of stone but she also pointed out that if we used wood longitudinally we would have a very geometric effect, Nikki’s design used the same timber vertically instead which not only gave great retaining strength but also allowed her to incorporate beautiful sweeping curves instead of straight lines and hard angles. Seems obvious doesn’t it? But no-one else thought of it! She then capped all this with an equally imaginative planting design, we had asked for all round interest and we certainly got it. For various reasons we had never previously been particularly enthusiastic gardeners but now our garden is a source of endless delight to us and (if there is such a thing) relatively easy to look after.

As if ideas such as this and her vast knowledge of her subject were not enough, Nikki brings with her unbounded and contagious enthusiasm and cheerfulness. We can (and frequently do) heartily recommend Nikki Applewhite to anyone who needs expert gardening advice.  

Mike and Maisie Nussey

Nikki Applewhite is a highly skilled professional garden designer who maintains her gardens with an extraordinary skill, encompassing a wide range of horticultural knowledge with a keen eye for beauty, in the best tradition of English country house gardens. Her garden planting and arrangements take full account of the architectural features amidst which they are set and successfully integrate both formal and informal designs, which mutually complement one another. In addition to her work in decorative gardens, she is also highly accomplished in designing and managing kitchen gardens and fruit cages. Put succinctly, she is the ultimate mistress of garden design and management. 

Prof. Neil Kent



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