The Beautiful Hamamelis

Gosh, how time flies…  it was December when I last blogged!

Since then we have moved house and enjoyed a long awaited holiday in Trinidad.

We now have a garden, which I am so excited about. All the quirky ideas I have for designs I can now practice on at home – poor Martin! But this will have to wait. We now have 5 designs on the books as well as exciting events at Belvoir (Channel 4 filming), not to mention 3 of our existing clients who are opening their gardens for charity this year.

If you are looking for a design, please do send an email in plenty of time as the waiting list is getting quite long.

So what is happening in the gardens…  the snowdrops are out at last and look at these superb Hamamelis. Sadly these are acid loving shrubs so if you have any lime you need to grow them in pots.