May in the garden

Where is this year going?! Amazingly we are already in the second half of May, spring is in full swing and summer is literally just around the corner.

The gardeners amongst us will know that there is always plenty to be doing at this time of year in the garden. For those of you who are keen to get involved but are unsure when/what/how, we thought we’d share with you some of the things we have been getting up to and why they are so important!

  • Planting- we have been finishing all of our planting jobs for the season; April/May is the best time for this as the ground in soft and warm and the nurseries have good stocks of high quality plants.
  • Weeding- now that we’ve had a bit of wet weather and sunshine the weeds are taking off! Hoeing around borders on a regular basis keeps work to a minimum. Pesky weeds growing very close to plants need carefully teasing out with a trowel or hand fork.
  • Mulching- well-rotted compost/bark chippings are a great dressing for flowerbeds. Not only does it reduce weeds, it keeps in moisture and improves soil structure over time- worth the barrowing and shoveling!
  • Hedge cutting- strictly speaking, box hedges should be cut in June but in gardens where there is a lot of box (Buxus sempervirens) we start early to make sure we can get it all done! Trimming topiary early makes life a lot easier as the perennials are yet to grow up and get in the way.
  • Constructing- putting up obelisks or other structures in the garden for climbing/trailing plants to grow up/along before they get too big.
  • Seeding- now that we are safely out of early morning frost season it is a good time to reseed/fertilise/top dress lawns where necessary.

And there you have it, plenty to be getting on with in the next couple of weeks.

Happy gardening!