The Beautiful Hamamelis

So what is happening in the gardens… the snowdrops are out at last and look at these superb Hamamelis.

Trees at Belvoir

As you gardeners know the ‘back end’ of the year is always a busy one! We have just finished planting up a design in Lincoln that had a large Cedar dominating the proceedings.

Autumn colours in Lincolnshire

The tennis court transformation is complete. All the plants have taken, including the 25 year old pleached Lime.

More than one dragon at Belvoir Castle!

I planted some Dragon Arums (Dracunculus vulgaris). They prefer moist soil, so the best place to try them was in Spring Gardens.

Look what the Tree Surgeon and Gardener have done!

Congratulations…. We have a twig!

Tennis Court Transformed to a Garden

In February 2013 we started our tennis court transformation.