Bunny Guinness and the Sunday Telegraph

I first met Bunny at one of her lectures on garden design in the north of the County. As well as feeling reassured that I was working on the right lines, she was wonderfully liberal with her advice and information.

So you can imagine my delight when I had a phone call from a dear friend, Jane Pruden (freelance writer and editor) to join her and Bunny for supper, to talk about the great Capability Brown. We never drew breath; Brown and his charm for the ladies, attacking bindweed and worries of the proposed banning of glyphosate……I had to steel myself to stop interrupting all the time!

It was a delight to see Bunny’s garden, and I was staggered at how much of the work she still does herself.

Bunny was very interested in our progress at Belvoir; the monumental task ahead and our achievements so far. Thus, the article was born.

A big thank you to Bunny and also my dear friend Jane who always champions my work!

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