The Design Process

An initial meeting with you allows us to see the site and understand your specific requirements. A follow-up garden report will be sent to you outlining the scope for your design and elements you wish to be included.

A full site survey will then be conducted and drawn to scale on CAD ready for the concept and design stage.

Conceptual layouts accompanied with 3D visuals will be produced to illustrate how your garden will look. We will then work together to put into place any alterations you wish to make whilst giving you a more accurate idea of costs.

Once the design has been finalised you will be provided with a master plan and detailed planting plan compiled according to your preferences and selected colour scheme.

Specification documents may then be prepared for the necessary construction elements of your design.

Personalised maintenance packages can also be composed.

Upcoming projects

“The greatest gift of the garden is
the restoration of the five senses”

Hanna Rion