Gardening advice and help

Gardening advice comes in many forms; books, video’s, TV, and magazines, all of which have great ideas, but the main problem is they are rarely suitable for your circumstances.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, we can all benefit from a personal hands on tutorial.

I have been gardening for as long as I can remember; professionally for the last 20 years both implementing designs and maintaining gardens. My company has restored, cared for and designed hundreds of gardens, from courtyards to castles and from hospitals to hotels.

Whether you require specific or general advice, what could be better than a visit from an experienced gardener?

The value of a garden is not only aesthetic, but can also be beneficial to the environment, wildlife and your soul.

During these strange times many people now work from home. Never before have our gardens been more important than they are now. Take a break from your PC with a walk round your garden. Why not have your Zoom meetings outside on a sunny day, absorbing your regular dose of Vitamin D? Let your garden revitalise your thoughts, bring inspiration to your life and improve your wellbeing.

So What happens…

We will walk round the garden together, discussing the problems you are facing and suggesting potential solutions that will work for you. I take pictures, make notes and send you a personalised report about everything we discussed.

Planning a new border and planting schemes can be discussed so gradually as you gain confidence your own Chelsea garden will emerge.

Visits are charged at £45 an hour plus travel, but please give me a call on 07970 753713 so we can evaluate how much time you might need.

Contact Nikki for gardening advice and help