July 2020

Period Living Magazine

Period Living double page spread

Going the extra mile

“Applewhite Garden Design helped design a relaxed garden haven that’s full of year-round colour.”

The garden of one of our clients featured in the July issue of Period Living Magazine.

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Lincolnshire Life Magazine

Breaking new ground

“Steffie Shields Talks to Nikki Applewhite, co-founder of G.R.O.W. a new charity to improve hospital grounds and make a difference for Lincolnshire patients.”

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October 2019

Garden Design Journal

January 2019

Homes & Gardens

Late-Summer Garden: One step at a time

“Turning an established garden created by her mother-in-law into one that reflects her own style and taste was a challenge that this novice gardener shouldered with a thoughtful sensitivity and style.”

“With large borders to fill, she followed the advice of garden designer Nikki Applewhite and planted in generous groups of ten or 12.”

The garden of one of our regular clients featured in the September issue of Homes & Gardens Magazine.

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September 2018

Grantham Journal

Can you help transform this hospital garden?

Applewhite Garden Design is adopting a neglected plot outside the Stroke and Rehabilitation Ward at Grantham Hospital with the aim of transforming it into a tranquil garden for the benefit of patients, staff and visitors.  The company has designed a quiet garden that will be accessible to all.  Flowering shrubs and perennials will produce scent and colour all year round, while attracting wildlife to the site.  Wide meandering paths are interspersed at intervals by plenty of seating areas where patients can rest and enjoy the garden.  The ‘secret’ stepping stone paths are also fun for children to explore.

The Company’s Nikki Applewhite said: “We are all aware of the enormous pressure that the NHS is currently working under.  With budgets stretched to take care of patients inside the hospitals, the outside garden casualties are inevitably neglected”.  Grantham Hospital launched an ‘Adopt a Garden’ scheme for local businesses to help support hospital gardens’ recovery.

“Being involved in nature has positive effects on both mental and physical health, especially for those who are in hospital for long periods of time.  Improving the view out of someone’s window can contribute to a feeling of wellbeing; there is little that can beat the scent of summer ones”!

If any businesses or other organisations can help with hardscaping costs, contact Nikki on 07970 7537513 for more details.

August 17, 2018

Saturday Telegraph

Box blight is not the end for the British love of topiary and hedges

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The Negative Parterre

August 12, 2017

Sunday Telegraph

A duchess, her gardener and work that never ends

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Sunday Telegraph

July 10, 2016

Nikki Applewhite

Norfolk Show

Part of celebrating Capability Brown’s Tercentenary year, Nikki has been giving lectures about the recently discovered plans found at Belvoir. A beautifully illustrated A2 sized, red book was unearthed from the archives, once thought to have been burnt in a major fire of 1816. This special year has revealed many new unknown facts about Brown. He was a successful businessman – the equivalent of a millionaire when he died, an expert hydro-engineer and a social genius. Born into a working class family, Brown transcended the class barrier, eventually working with Kings, Dukes and Duchesses… the story is quite a journey.

Nikki takes garden and Capability Brown tours at Belvoir, including in a horse drawn carriage if you wish!

June 29, 2016

Norfolk Show


Capability Brown: Celebrating 300 years of England’s ‘best gardener’

February marks the start of year-long celebrations of the life and work of England’s greatest gardener, Lancelot “Capability” Brown.

Nikki Applewhite, the gardener at Belvoir Castle, told Robert Hall what made “Capability” more than just capable.

February 5, 2016