Any garden, no matter the size can benefit from a design. A good plan will save you making mistakes, which in turn saves costs. The process of designing with us will stimulate ideas that accommodate your individual needs.

Our planting plan will include plants that suit your soil and the aspect where they are planted, avoiding that familiar disappointment of a miserable plant that originally looked fabulous at the garden centre!

When designing a small garden there are a number of tricks used to make the space feel large; the use of features in the middle or far distance, focal points that draw the eye, and the use of shapes. Height also diverts the eye away from boundary limitations, making the space feel larger. Colour schemes are vital – too many colours can cause confusion –  a single colour scheme can have tremendous impact. The ‘garden room’ should become an extension of your home, providing year round interest.

In a medium sized garden, proportions are equally important. It must be practical and able to accommodate, where necessary, children and pets whose agendas are often very different! More than likely you are working all week so need the garden to be easily maintained. Planting schemes need to fit into these parameters and without the necessity of irrigation systems. We are all becoming more environmentally aware and so our gardens must deliver.

A large garden isn’t always straightforward. More space means more to think about! These gardens are long-term projects that will be used by future generations. Great care therefore needs to be taken with tree planting and vistas that may change over time. Areas of intimacy around the house need careful thought so that natural surroundings aren’t spoilt. Having a long term plan means that everything is done in the correct order. There is nothing worse than having a 3 year old lawn dug up to lay drainage for a new water feature, or 5 years down the line finding out the drive is in the wrong place!

A good design should be practical, functional and innovative. It must meet your needs and expectations; become a place of comfort, relaxation and enjoyment – without too much work.

At Applewhite Garden Design we not only offer stunning designs and planting plans, but also practical help in maintaining established gardens. From castles to cottage gardens we have an experienced and reliable team of horticulturists that can solve your gardening challenges.

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